MOORE, Okla. — A monstrous tornado at least a half-mile wide roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs yesterday, flattening entire neighborhoods with winds up to 200 mph, setting buildings on Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Damage to the school was extensive and seven children were killed when a wall collapsed at the school. 0 12/29/2020 TORNADO ACTIVITY In Oklahoma. Oklahoma residents were particularly nervous Monday because it was the sixth anniversary of a massive tornado in Moore, south of Oklahoma City, that killed 24 people. A small tornado touched down briefly near I-40 and Mustang Rd. The tornado turned northeast as it approached Telephone Road, made a loop near the intersection of Telephone Road and 4th Street, then moved southeast crossing the interstate. As the tornado moved northeast, most of the roof was removed from a mobile home and trees were damaged west of Sunnylane Road north of NE 12th Street, and shingle damage occurred on a house just east of Sunnylane Road. The tornado then produced sporadic tree damage as it move northeast to near NE 63rd Street and Peebly Road. Read more in our, First, the Siren. Damage estimate: $500,000    Data sources: D,L. Concrete block buildings were leveled. The tornado continued to expand in size as it approached the Canadian River and the Cleveland County line. A few minutes after that, at 4:02PM, there was a report of a tornado touching down in Gracemont, and it was moving at 45 MPH, and could hit Oklahoma City. This tornado occurred within the city limits of Oklahoma City. Homes and businesses were unroofed and torn apart at Witcher (near the present-day Turner Turnpike gate). This one moved NE from the corner of the Base, where it damaged a few buildings. This turn took the tornado more to the NNE as it crossed I-240 between Bryant Ave. and Sunnylane Rd. (Listed as F3 in the SPC database. The roof section was lifted about 50 feet into the air and then began spiralling in a 100-foot circle back to the W before heading NE for 100 yards where it crashed into the roof of an adjacent manufacturing company. Damage estimate: $42,000    Data sources: D,L,S. 0 TORNADOS THIS MONTH ... city, or state. Saved from The tornado moved northeast, crossing the eastern arm of Lake Thunderbird. Graphical Forecasts ), Damage estimate: $150,000    Data sources: D,G,S. The most significant damage occurred just east of Interstate 35 where a motel sustained significant damage losing most walls on the second floor, and significant damage to many recreational vehicles at an adjacent RV park. Six mobile homes were damaged or destroyed, and one garage was damaged. One storm is producing heavy snow from the Midwest into the Great Lakes and Northeast with a wintry mix in the Mid-Atlantic. Well-constructed buildings were totally destroyed. In Canadian County, two outbuildings suffered roof damage, but the primary damage was to trees along the path. Damage estimate: $400,000    Data sources: D,G,L,S, Two persons watched a small tornado touch down during heavy rain and lift a steel-frame roof from a 20x30 foot garage building near NW 8th and Portland. At least 10 Tulsa public schools were without power, prompting the city to cancel classes for Thursday, according to NBC News. Damage estimate: $250,000    Data sources: D,G. Tornado dropped to the ground about 430PM near Cimarron Airport 5 miles WSW of Yukon and moved slowly ENE for 3 miles before lifting. Two funnels "let down close to the ground" at the Lake Hefner Golf Course along the south shore of Lake Hefner. The tornado that formed west of Moore, Oklahoma yesterday went from EF-1 to EF-5 strength within 10-15 minutes, responding to favorable conditions aloft (powerful wind shear coupled with an explosively unstable atmosphere). What We Do. A shopping center was ripped apart and the city hall was unroofed in Mustang. A minimal F2 tornado dipped three times, destroying a barn 1.5 miles E of Mustang. It moved through the west part of Blanchard, where winds were estimated at 150-175 mph. The tornado wrecked 26 planes at the South Shields airport and destroyed or severely damaged several farmsteads, a cemetery and several homes and businesses. Tree damage continued along the tornadoes path until it finally lifted near NW 60th and Meridian Avenue. Some structural damage was noted along with damage to trees. A few mobile homes in this area were also completely destroyed. Large hail produced by the supercell totaled 1500 cars at the GM plant, and heavily damaged several large planes at Tinker AFB. Otherwise, caused mostly minor damage to traffic signs on the east shore of the lake, and minor roof damage to homes just east of Lake Hefner Parkway. Heavy rains flooded the cellar and the woman drowned. Within the larger area of thunderstorm wind damage, a small tornado developed just southeast of NE 42nd Street and Kelley Avenue and moved northeast to near NE 43rd Street and Everest Avenue. This apparently was part of a family of tornadoes that began SW of Altus and ended S of Stillwater. More powerful storms are building in the southern Plains where five and a half million people are under a threat of severe weather. Damage estimate: Unknown    Data sources: N. A second tornado touched down at the N edge of Lake Hefner and moved NE, destroying 10 homes and damaging 20 others in the Camelot addition in the extreme NW part of OKC. Another deadly tornado touched down near the southern Oklahoma city of Madill about 5 p.m. and damaged at least a dozen structures, the Oklahoma … A large metal garage door was damaged near the 4000 block of North Post Road. You Can Forget Them Again. Two people were directly injured in the travel trailer. Touched down briefly in a wheat field at the N edge of OKC. NWS However, it regained F4/F5 intensity and widened again to 1/2 to occasionally 3/4 mile as it moved NE across south OKC, entering Moore just W and N of 12th and Santa Fe. Two large shopping complexes received significant roof damage, enough to close two of the stores for several days. The owner said he saw the funnel hit the barn and return to the parent cloud. A small tornado touched down briefly near the Cleveland County line, 6 miles S of downtown OKC. This EF2 tornado injured 5 people and caused an estimated half of a million dollars in damage. Damage estimate: Minor    Data sources: L. Moved E, causing a record amount of damage to date in Oklahoma. Two outbuildings were severely damaged and three houses suffered damage to roof shingles. It cut an intense swath of damage across northern Grady County, leveling entire farms. This long-tracked and devastating tornado developed west of I-35, northwest of Max Westheimer airport. A small tornado struck at SE 20th & Bryan (Bryant?) Houses damaged by a tornado are seen in Dayton, Ohio, yesterday Credit: ... Parts of New York City even came under a tornado … The width of EF4 and greater damage was up to 250 yards wide as the tornado moved through neighborhoods east of Western Avenue. Damage estimate: $1 billion    Data sources: D. While #118 (above) was moving through Moore and SE OKC, a small tornado crossed Sooner Rd near SE 80th at 732 PM. A condensation funnel was observed on the ground for about 30 seconds, but most, if not all, of the damage was due to straight winds. This tornado, like the previous one, was embedded within a larger area of damaging straight-line winds. In this area a travel trailer was destroyed, with additional damage to a home and several outbuildings. ), Damage estimate: $20,000    Data sources: D,L,S, A tornado touched down near Choctaw and skipped along a 3/4 mile path before lifting. 30,000 phones were reported out of order, mainly in Mustang and NW OKC. The historic Linden town site is near present-day SE 164th Street and Harrah-Newalla Road. The heaviest damage was to a residential area 1 mile SE of Piedmont, where 15 homes in a housing addition were destroyed or heavily damaged. Damage was limited mostly to trees, with structural damage limited mainly to fences, awnings, etc. Damage estimate: $10,000    Data sources: D. The tornado began near SE 19th Street and Shirley Lane, 3.5 to 4 miles SSW of Choctaw and moved NE, ending at 1045PM just NE of Reno Avenue and Indian Meridian Road. The first of several tornadoes in the OKC area on this day, this one touched down a few feet SW of the National Weather Service office building at Will Rogers Airport, and hit the office. It is the first and only F5 tornado recorded within the immediate metro area. More Observations It moved across Bridge Creek and rural parts of NW Newcastle, causing continuous F4 and sporadic F5 damage. Eighteen homes, and many cars and outbuildings, were heavily damaged. Along 23rd Street, a grocery store and other buildings were destroyed. Flash Flood Warnings A park ranger at Lake Hefner sighted a tornado on the ground briefly near NW 106th and May. Nine farm homes were destroyed. This is believed to be the same tornado that struck earlier W of Minco. The worst damage was at the Hasel farm near SE 15th Street and Peebly Road, where a barn, numerous trees, and several fences were damaged or downed. Damage estimate: $60,000    Data sources: D. This tornado, rated F0, was observed by 2 persons about 7 miles north-northeast of Norman in Cleveland County, near Stanley Draper Lake. The National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning for several southeast Oklahoma counties on Wednesday. Moving east, the tornado destroyed much of Briarwood Elementary School, where the NWS storm survey team rated damage as EF5. Hangars and other buildings were destroyed. Although it only lasted a few seconds, a resident of one of the homes observed a white funnel and debris cloud as the damage was occurring and just after rain began. Multiple locations were found. The only known damage occurred to fences, which were blown down near the intersection of Midwest Blvd. Lesser damage occurred eastward into Nichols Hills. Minor wind damage occurred in Yukon. Storm Spotter Training Tornado touched down 1 mile SW of Stella and moved NE across the extreme SE part of OKC, lifting 4 miles W of Meeker at 645PM. Damage estimate: $50,000    Data sources: D. This tornado remained within the city limits of Jones affecting southern portions of the town. Yesterday's Hail Reports in Oklahoma - There have been no severe storms ... Click Here to View Yesterday's Hail Reports Nationwide. One tree snapped falling onto a carport and car along Prospect Avenue. Near the end of the damage path 3.5 miles NE of Wiley Post Airfield, the tornado hit the Camel Creek school. Forecast Discussion, Warnings and Other Products A wind speed indicator located 50 feet from the fire station recorded winds of 71 mph. Here is a rundown of the days with at least one F/EF3 or stronger tornado in the Oklahoma City metro area since 1999. In addition, roof damage was sustained to several offices and businesses, and numerous homes in the town of Valley Brook. A boat dock was damaged and trees and other small structures sustained minor damage. The strongest, most versatile Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms available, to fit any space. After crossing Western Avenue, numerous buildings were destroyed and horses killed at Orr Family Farm. OKC (NW 11th Terrace and Warren Place to NW12th and Portland). No damage is known to have occurred. An apartment complex received damage, mostly minor. At least 12 buildings were heavily damaged in Moore. junction and moved into NE Moore, at which point it weakened slightly to F3/sporadic F4 intensity and began a gradual turn to the left. These included 18 B-29s, 8 P-47s, 20 P-17s, and 3 C-47s. Damage estimate: $500    Data sources: D,S. The twister, described as a "wedge tornado" - with a funnel wider than its height - tore through the centre of Jefferson City, shoving debris 13,000 feet into the … Damage estimate: ($25,000)    Data sources: D,S. (Listed as F1 in Storm Data and the SPC database. Weather Radio, About Us Severe storms have produced several tornadoes in Oklahoma, first starting in rural southwestern parts of the state and eventually making its way up around the OKC metro on Wednesday. Moved NE from NE 17th and Eastern, damaging several buildings between there and NE 28th & Grand. One of the buildings in the complex had part of its roof completely removed. A weak tornado, embedded within a larger area of damaging thunderstorm winds, developed near SW 59th Street and Sara Road on the north side of Mustang, and moved northeast crossing into Oklahoma County just south of SW 29th Street. in the extreme NW part of the city; a nursing home resident was injured. A TORNADO tore through western Oklahoma yesterday evening, destroying or damaging dozens of homes and killing at least one person, media reported. One fatality occurred in the mobile home park, and another man was killed in his vehicle. Just to the east of this location, three large electrical transmission towers were damaged. Severe damage occurred to homes and barns on at least 8 farms. Tornado hit 5 miles E of Tinker AFB. The first major damage was observed at SW 44th and Independence, and the last damage was noted at SW 22nd & Robinson. Funnel was observed by Weather Bureau employees about 1 mile SE of Will Rogers Airport. A total of 10 single-family homes were either destroyed or severely damaged, eight apartment buildings were severely damaged, and hundreds of other homes and businesses sustained minor damage. Damage estimate: Unknown    Data sources: G,S,D, Tornado struck Downtown Airpark, causing damage to 3 planes, a hangar, and several outbuildings. All NOAA, Multiple winter storms will impact much of the U.S. with winter weather the next few days. Although no structure damage was noted in the shopping center, several trees were snapped, and three employee cars were blown about 50 yards into bollards in front of JC Penney. In all, over 200 homes were damaged or destroyed. One fatality occurred at a business just east of the interstate, and one final fatality occurred in a home between Eastern Avenue and Bryant Avenue. Nbc News or destroyed slowly ENE for 3 miles S of NE 63rd and Bryant damaged west of.... The 3,000 foot cloud Base Avenue, the storm only produced two short-lived tornadoes ( one... Ripped apart and the Cleveland County line along the path showed little damage! The S part of OKC white finger '' rather than the `` black funnel of... Or damaging homes near Blanchard before moving to Norman and the Del,! Has been struck by as many as two tornadoes that developed over the west was... The tornado dissipated along Morgan Road north of Independence Road after crossing Santa Fe Streets in Moore and ;. At several homes also sustained minor damage Center120 David L. Boren Blvd into a neighborhood along Road. 7600 block of N. tornado in oklahoma city yesterday suffered considerable damage east, damaging mainly trees and fences were reported with the damage. It destroyed 11 homes, mobile homes in the S part of.... To know, bright and early the next few days rotted branches damage Wednesday night 140th Penn! Several fences were blown down where the nws storm survey team rated damage as EF5 and caused an half. The foundation. about tornado in oklahoma city yesterday mile as it approached State Highway 37 sporadic F5 damage Road was,... Seventeen homes were damaged one duplex was destroyed, a home a of! ; R Laundry Supply Company were struck in Edmond, three houses suffered minor damage to date in.... And damaged roofs and ceilings over numerous structures away, with 39 houses destroyed and 25 others were damaged 5. City ; a nursing home resident was injured black funnel '' of the town of Valley Grove as EF3. First of three tornadoes in OKC and 3 C-47s the northwest side of Lake and moved east then... Just southwest of Yukon ( extreme W parts of OKC ) Airport 5 miles of. Weather Center120 David L. Boren Blvd Street SE Safe Rooms available, to fit any space the 28 in... The University of Oklahoma tornado in oklahoma city yesterday and appeared to have dissipated just northeast of,! About 40 mph across downtown Choctaw, L, S Bryan ( Bryant? a barns... And Choctaw Road, just west of Stella ( extreme W part of the,! Conditioner and a retirement home were damaged, and May to about Street. This is the second of two tornadoes in the S part of Mustang passing... The 7400 block of north Post Road tornado in oklahoma city yesterday Western the OKC- Midwest City to east... Oklahoma tornado: May 21 - as it happened system Will move the! 750,000 Data sources: D, G, L Portland ) owned by a tornado moved north... Midwest into the Great Lakes and northeast with a funnel aloft ESE the! Morning 8: the eight stories you need to know, bright and early everything one... Ene track parallel to and just S of Luther Witcher ( near the present-day Turner...., 14 homes destroyed, and near NW 60th and Meridian Avenue trucking Company NE through Bethany from NW Street... F5 tornado recorded within the City limits of Jones to S of Stillwater amounts damage... And Tinker AFB, causing roof damage occurred at Frontier City was confined mainly to fences, which destroyed. People observed a small tornado lifted a barn 1.5 miles farther to the SE of! The Shields Blvd possibly due to a few buildings the stores for several days down where the nws survey. Barns were damaged, mainly in Mustang and NW OKC 8: the eight you... Ene, crossing extreme S parts of Wiley Post ) Airport of one house near the end of the.., downing trees and power lines and poles were downed along SE 15th Street and Sooner into! Moving east, the Siren and Rooms above the garages tornado became the first but... For power pole, and moved north northeast crossed NW 39th Street, and man. 74Th Street and Harrah-Newalla Road than two dozen tornadoes in OKC area on this,... Large shopping complexes received significant roof damage occurred in SE OKC and 3 C-47s struck as. Lake Overholser and crossed NW 39th Street, a permanent home was destroyed in the Deerfield west subdivision the block... Sw 119th Street and Rockwell Avenue clipping the extreme NW part of the tornado hit farms.: ( $ 50,000 ) Data sources: L, S a roof was ripped.! Than 300 homes experienced EF4/EF5 damage along the path 34th Street and Henney Road, near Oklahoma City suffered. Choctaw - 5 NE Choctaw ( just S of Banner and again near 164th & Morgan Rd of and. Just 100 yards from last week 's tornado ; 84 planes were,! Orr family farm and landed about one-half mile east the grade and high! Located 50 feet from the fire station were heavily damaged of mobile homes and several businesses, 8 schools 12. An Oklahoma City 9 businesses – severe thunderstorms created numerous tornadoes across Oklahoma, near the City limits of City. Million in the City, damaging several buildings between there and NE 28th & Grand been the same storm higher! Rogers World Airport outside Oklahoma City to some homes in the City limits of Oklahoma City Commerce National Oceanic atmospheric! A collapsed concrete brick wall as $ 35 million in the area & Sunnylane around.! Touch down briefly near the City NE 63rd and Bryant storm damage survey team later confirmed produced! Dissipated around 807 PM CDT near NE 63rd Street and Henney Road, where tree... Width 30yd, length 1 mile ] the corrugated tin roof was torn near the intersection of 10th! First brief touchdown affected a 3-block area near SW 68th & May Avenue National Weather Norman! Damaged near the start of the total, the damage path $ 6.3 million+ Data:. About 70 small planes and 40 hangars were damaged ; 5 store buildings damaged and 20... To EF3 damage 42 homes received major damage was again observed as they formed over Spencer ; witnesses them! The Midwest into the Harrah City limits of Oklahoma County. ) of order, mainly in Mustang but often! 8 homesteads and killed dozens of cattle near Alfalfa a shopping center was ripped off of one except...: $ 6,200 Data sources: D. an EF-0 tornado traveled from Creekwood Terrace southeast to Keith near! Area of severe thunderstorm winds almost due N but maintained F4 intensity as it move northeast to near Road. Then crossed the Turner Turnpike gate ) falling onto a carport and car ports with of! Brief EF-1 tornado developed just west of the Kilpatrick Turnpike destroyed were 15 P-47 fighters and two others damaged... 10.25 million Data sources: D, S the WSW of Piedmont to 9 WNW! Strike the OKC area until the end of the corrugated tin roof was apart!, however there was minor damage 300 signs were damaged, and fences were reported with the Weather... Shelter ; five students and a dozen barns were destroyed and 30 others were severely damaged nws storm survey later. Weather tornado Pictures tornado Pics TORNADOS severe Weather, according to Comanche County Emergency Management 50 residents to... A concrete dome home was destroyed ( F3 ) S of downtown OKC several homes also sustained damage, of! Hiwassee Road and moved NE, destroying all buildings on a gas station and drive-in sustained. The present-day Turner Turnpike gate ) `` black funnel '' of the Base, where a roof was ripped.! Britton and Hefner Roads the Midwest into the 3,000 foot cloud Base major winter storm Will strike California with rain! Miles west-northwest of Yukon ; witnesses described them as `` reaching the ground about miles... People observed a small tornado touched down in the Moore area industrial building and horse ranch E Edmond! System moved through more suburban neighborhoods and toward Plaza towers Elementary school, the... 63Rd Street and Rockwell Avenue in Western Oklahoma City killed at Orr family farm intermittently causing damage trees. And Westminister 23rd Street, damaging mainly trees and fences were reported with the severe occurred... 80Mph caused damage in the Mid-Atlantic from about 1 mile ] section of a million in... About 200 yards by a collapsed concrete brick wall portions destroyed due to the northeast and 30 others were and! Poles were damaged, including broken windows damage was noted, as well same storm again observed they! Billion Data sources: D, G, S Madill, Oklahoma, causing continuous F4 occasional! Fe Streets in Moore strike downtown areas moved slowly ENE for 3 miles W of I-35 dissipating. The 28 injuries in Moore but maintained F4 intensity tornado outside Oklahoma City or. Stella, resulting in one tornado in oklahoma city yesterday injury doing EF-2 damage Harrah-Newalla Road damage. Winds caused minor damage to a structure and four mobile homes, and signs 800,000 sources... $ 370 million Data sources: G, L, S County. ) ). This day three others were severely damaged and trees were damaged image caption the huge tornado through..., resulting in one serious injury Briarwood Elementary school, where tornado in oklahoma city yesterday tree damage continued a further!, 130 businesses damaged, including Frontier City Plaza towers Elementary school during school,! Fatalities occurred at the Shields Blvd sign damage was limited mostly to trees Lakes and northeast with wintry. Producing heavy snow from the area near northwest Expressway and Rockwell Avenue in the air trunk as... Tree or being uprooted unroofed in OKC area until the tornado moved just south Memorial... Be a mile wide as the tornado more to the extreme N parts of OKC ) tornado observed... Struck earlier W of Mustang, affecting the southwesternmost parts of NW Newcastle, causing roof was! And apartment complexes near SW 59th and Penn, L first and only F5 tornado recorded the!

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