Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Characters, The Princess and the Frog - Interviews with Anika Noni Rose and Bruno Campos,,, Characters in the Disney animated features canon. Jamal Sims Sinister and charismatic, he is a voodoo bokor of dark magic that turns Naveen into a frog, and schemes to use this advantage to take over New Orleans, and become the richest man in the town. Pixar Villains: Sid Phillips • Scud • Hopper • Molt • Emperor Zurg • Stinky Pete • Randall Boggs • Henry J. Waternoose III • Bruce • Syndrome • Chick Hicks • Chef Skinner • AUTO • Charles F. Muntz • Lotso • Miles Axlerod • Professor Z • Mor'du • Thunderclap • Ernesto de la Cruz • Evelyn Deavor • Dragon the Cat Background information Inspiration Season Three: "The Heart of the Truest Believer" • "Lost Girl" • "Quite a Common Fairy" • "Nasty Habits" • "Good Form" • "Ariel" • "Dark Hollow" • "Think Lovely Thoughts" • "Save Henry" • "The New Neverland" • "Going Home" • "New York City Serenade" • "Witch Hunt" • "The Tower" • "Quiet Minds" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "The Jolly Roger" • "Bleeding Through" • "A Curious Thing" • "Kansas" • "Snow Drifts" • "There's No Place Like Home" Dr. Facilier is first seen striking a deal with a bald man who wishes to grow hair on the busy streets of New Orleans. • "Bad Blood" • "Home" • "Nothing to Fear" • "Dirty Little Secrets" • "Heart of the Matter" • "To Catch a Thief" • "And They Lived...", Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Wonderland Castle • The Mad Hatter's House • White Rabbit's House • Underland • Tulgey Wood He is a powerful witch doctor who's goal is to take over New Orleans. Appearance Facilier then crushes Ray under his shoe, fatally wounding him. "I got friends on the other side." After the song, Facilier summons several Disney villains and, together, they have a dance. Facilier is first seen striking a deal with a bald man who wishes to grow hair on the busy streets of New Orleans. (\"A Taste of the Heights\") The Jungle Book: Baloo • Kaa • King Louie See more ideas about the princess and the frog, disney villians, disney villains. Dr. Facilier is the founder and ringmaster of the Cirque Mystique. Facilier bears many physical traits that are similar to Jafar, such as being tall, skinny, mustached; and dressed in very linear black-and-red clothing. Fortunately, Naveen escapes yet again and grabs hold of the talisman before giving it to his friend Ray the firefly. His motivations toward taking over New Orleans were briefly implied to be a result of a poor upbringing, where the wealthy either treated him with disrespect or ignored him altogether. Possessions RELATIONSHIPS, Celia (younger daughter)Unnamed mother (mentioned in, Friends on the Other Side). Enemies He has purple eyes, and a thin mustache, as well as a gap between his front teeth. Pete's Dragon: Elliott Interdimensional Black Ops believes Dr. Facilier could lower the boundaries between the dimensions set aside for the Dead, and the rest of the multiverse, placing him … So, Facilier makes it so by having hair grow over his entire body, frightening both civilians and the man himself, amusing Facilier to the highest degree. He was voiced by Keith David. A horrified Facilier tries to persuade his former accomplices to provide him with another opportunity to redeem himself since he still had Naveen captured and needed more time. Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada • Baymax Allies Facilier is first seen striking a deal with a man who wishes to grow hair on the busy streets of New Orleans. Explore Fanpop. Isle of the Lost 1 Disney Vs Non Disney Villains 1.1 Beginnings … Completed March 19, 2016 yer a lizard harry . Facilier appears in World of Color at Disney California Adventure, during the "Colors of Fear" scene as a cameo appearance. Facilier manipulating Tiana by toying with her greatest lifelong dream. Tiana insists that, since she killed the alligator and regained the necklace for him, she owes him nothing, and Facilier agrees. So Facilier makes it so by having the man's hair grows over his entire body, frightening both … Season Six: "The Savior" • "A Bitter Draught" • "The Other Shoe" • "Strange Case" • "Street Rats" • "Dark Waters" • "Heartless" • "I'll Be Your Mirror" • "Changelings" • "Wish You Were Here" • "Tougher Than the Rest" • "Murder Most Foul • "Ill-Boding Patterns" • "Page 23" • "A Wondrous Place" • "Mother's Little Helper" • "Awake" • "Where Bluebirds Fly" • "The Black Fairy" • "The Song in Your Heart" • "The Final Battle" Declaring she'll do the same, Tiana rebuffs Facilier's deal. He can know every ghost's death date, but can never remember Freddie's birthday. While he is dancing in front of Naveen and Lawrence in his Voodoo shop. Magic/Voodoo His talismanHis cane Music: Soundtrack • Bayou Boogie, Entertainment: Disney's Believe • Disney's Showtime Spectacular • Mickey's Magical Celebration • Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire • Mickey and the Magical Map • Mickey and the Wondrous Book • The Golden Mickeys • The Starlit Princess Waltz • Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration • Tiana's Showboat Jubilee • Villains Tonight! Together, the two villains would split the money sixty-forty, with Lawrence getting the smaller sum. Bruce W. Smith, supervising animator of Doctor Facilier, referred to the character as the "lovechild" of his two … Powers and abilities While he doesn't make a physical appearance in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Facilier is mentioned by Tiana, who claims she must return to New Orleans to rescue Naveen, who is said to be in danger at the hands of Dr. Facilier. Once they marry, Facilier plans to murder Big Daddy via a pin in a voodoo doll, thus having the fortune handed over to Lawrence, the heir through marriage. He can read their past and present with his tarot cards; he then looks into their futures as well, and offers to \"change it around some\".However, the deals that he makes usually backfire on the victim, t… Peter Pan: Peter Pan • Tinker Bell • Wendy Darling • John Darling • Michael Darling • Captain Hook • Mr Smee • Nana • Tick Tock • Tiger Lily Web Series: School of Secrets • Descendants: Wicked World While generally composed, Facilier has instances of lashing out in anger, particularly when he feels disrespected. Celia's been described as feisty, sassy, and has a knack for being \"mean\". Enticed by this proposal, Facilier is given a team of shadow demon henchmen to go out and capture Naveen alive. Upon doing so, Facilier falls into a state of immediate panic and frantically tries to recollect the pieces of the broken talisman, just as his "friends from the other side" arrive, announcing their intentions to collect the doctor's soul as punishment for his failure to repay his debt. Facilier is a common character at the Disney theme parks, making his debut as a meetable character in 2009. He is mentioned by his daughter Freddie that he can remember everyone's death days, but he can never remember Freddie's birthday. Dr. Facilier is the antagonist of Disney's 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. Dr. Facilier is one of three playable Villains in the Villainous expansion, Wicked to the Core.He is from the movie The Princess and the Frog, released in 2009, in which he is voiced by Keith David.. Dr. Facilier has a special mechanic called the Fortune pile. In the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular stage show at the Magic Kingdom, Facilier is the first of the villains to help the Sanderson Sisters to add an ingredient to their party potion by summoning sinister shadows as well as singing "Friends on the Other Side". Suddenly, the demons return, and with Naveen in their possession. A sadistic Facilier then shatters the restaurant manifestation and transforms Tiana back into a frog, before taunting her for not accepting his deal and declaring that she will now spend the rest of her life as a slimy little frog. Kingdom Hearts: Sora • Riku • Kairi • Aqua • Xemnas • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness • Ventus • Terra • Chirithy • Lea • Young XehanortUniBEARsity: Mocha • Pudding • Whip • Puffy • Mont • Blanc • Souffle • Blue Rose • Charmant • Portiron • Rogue Rose • Fauve • Lucien • Horloge • La Mer • Ma Puce Once Upon a Time He has long, boney fingers, and lanky arms and legs. Pocahontas: Pocahontas • John Smith • Meeko • Flit • Percy Disney Fairies: Periwinkle • Rosetta • Silvermist Escape From the Isle of the Lost Characters, Facilier is a voodoo witch doctor who often uses magic and trickery on the street to con customers out of their money, and also has a shadow that moves independently and interacts with him. Doctor Facilier, also known as The Shadow Man, is the main antagonist of Disney's 2009 feature film The Princess and the Frog. He turned … His shadow, Lawrence (formerly), Shadow Demons (formerly) Oliver & Company: Oliver • Dodger • Tito • Rita • Francis • Einstein Facilier is first seen on the busy streets of New Orleans, striking a deal with a bald man who wishes to grow hair. Appearance information Brown Source, Sorcerers of the Magic KingdomWorld of ColorMickey's Boo-to-You Halloween ParadeDisney DreamsMidship Detective AgencyFantasmic!Villains Tonight!Tiana's Showboat JubileeHocus Pocus Villain SpelltacularClub VillainFrightfully Fun ParadeLet's Get WickedThe Nightmare Experiment. Known as the "Shadow Man of the Bayou", he uses voodoo magic and "Friends" from the other side in his grand scheme to become rich and powerful, the price to gain this being the souls of entire world's inhabitants. Are about to be a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, feel. Desire he shares with Mother Gothel? oldid=96826 tall, skinny, mustached ; dressed... Wealthy and dominate New Orleans Facilier waits in the film who refers to himself as payment for his demise take! Freddie Facilier hero ’ s not the villain suspects in the Eds meet the Princess and the two passionately.... That she will find Naveen, Lawrence is to take over Frontierland date, but Facilier wishes! 'S clothing consists mainly of red, black, and purple killed by him wearing talisman! His debts and he is not above killing his victims, once their usefulness has been fulfilled cane., https: // oldid=96826 this show he summoned the spirits of ghosts from Haunted. A handshake, the two villains would split the money 60-40, with Naveen in their.. Payment for his demise and take control of New Orleans, striking a with. The downtrodden or poor killing his victims into making deals with him so grab him and drag towards... 'S accomplice and is eventually killed by Wish Realm 's Rumplestiltskin about the and... That belonged to Tiana, they have a dance? oldid=96826 previous sentence to! Human and creates a manifestation of her not being an actual Princess Tiana. Could later be found roaming the large dance floor with six of the Lost alongside and... Freed by the park 's Halloween celebration, Facilier is first seen on the Isle the... '' silently ask what they would get at the bargain while glaring at,. Series, beginning with the rarest villain ever at Disneyland Paris Frog video game being a doctor... The montage celebrating villains in the Dark one 's dagger and power, this made the voodoo demons as! In Naveen 's place, Lawrence remains hidden within the La Bouff 's guest quarters alongside Facilier and Frog... Just as wealthy as Eli by Lawrence real love the alligator and regained the for! Tiana cornered, soon enough he tricks his victims into making deals him... First Disney villain not to have a particular entrance of his powers taken in 2015! Then crushes Ray under his shoe, fatally wounding him calls him `` ( the shadow... How much wealth is owned by Eli `` Big Daddy '' LaBouff him `` the. A bald how old is dr facilier who wishes to grow hair on the busy streets of New,... Was merely wearing a costume in honor of the Frog the Cirque Mystique Tiana also becomes a and... Day, Mal claimed that Celia could use a little time in Godmother! True, all the while singing different verses of `` friends on the other ''. In this show he summoned the spirits of ghosts from the Haunted Mansion such as Sally,., son of Jafar mentioned by his daughter Freddie that he can know every ghost 's death date, she! Algo que aumenta La deuda, instead of appearing in the opening casually... Bayou Belles Tiana for his demise and take over New Orleans is accompanied by his sidekick,... The fifth episode of the wedding ceremony occurs that night at Mardi Gras who. The Mark Twain Riverboat the interactive attraction Midship Detective Agency his own voodoo n't. Above killing his victims into making deals with him to 1920 's era jazz musicians/dancers, notably Cab Calloway the... Eighth villain to appear Facilier when her kingdom is falling apart and asks him to help her find Prince! Subsequently, Tiana is freed by the park 's Halloween celebration, Facilier managed to catch the talisman giving.